A Couple Performance Features Packed in the Ford Fusion Energi

The new Ford Fusion Energi is finally here at Louisburg Ford and comes packed with a number of performance features this year. These are just a couple of features that have exploded the overall popularity of this plug-in hybrid.

Once you get the Ford Fusion Energi rolling down the highway, this is when you'll appreciate the Blind Spot Information feature. Rear sensors scan the road behind your vehicle to identify if another car is in one of your blind spots. If yes, your side mirror on that side flashes so you know it is not safe to leave your lane just yet.

The Lane-Keeping System equipped in your Ford Fusion Energi uses radars in an effort to gauge the position of your vehicle in the lane and alert the driver if drifting occurs. When the car slowly rolls out of the lane, the steering wheel vibrates to try and get the driver to correct the car's position.

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