Do Transfer Cases Have Their Own Casings?

4-wheel drive vehicles can provide their owners with many valuable benefits. They perform well in rough terrain and in inclement weather, not to mention being good work vehicles. That said, 2-wheel drive vehicles also provide many perks, including increased gas mileage and improved front-wheel traction. Vehicles that can convert between both gear configurations usually include special components called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are side-transmissions that convert torque from regular transmissions into rotary energy, that is then sent to the individual wheels. Car and truck makers sometimes place transfer cases and the transmissions that they serve in the same physical containers, but they may also place them within their own fixtures.

In either case, in order to work properly both transmissions and transfer cases, require detailed attention from expert technicians.

At our service center in the Louisburg, KS area, we employ a number of certified and experienced transmission experts. To have your transmission, and transfer case, professionally inspected, swing by Louisburg Ford today for a quick consultation.

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