Test Drive The 2018 Ford Expedition at Louisburg Ford

If your family views connectivity a necessity when driving, maybe you should think twice before looking any closer at the 2018 GMC Yukon in favor of Ford's 2018 re-engineered Expedition. That's because you get so much more in the Expedition where you can WI-FI connect up to 10 devices versus only 7 with the Yukon.

That is not all that is different with the 2018 Ford Expedition either. While the Yukon has a max towing capacity of 8,500 pounds, the Expedition tows up to 9.300 pounds, and that is a lot. Another difference between the two vehicles is their radar-based cruise control. The Yukon can bring you to a stop without driver assistance to avoid a collision with a vehicle that has stopped, but only the Expedition brings you back up to cruising speed without you every touching a pedal.

Take the 2018 Ford Expedition for a test drive by visiting our showroom at Louisburg Ford to see for yourself how good driving can be.

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