Have You Test Driven the Ford EcoSport Yet?

Have you been avoiding SUVs because of their low fuel economy? If so, check out the new Ford EcoSport from Louisburg Ford. This is a compact yet comfortable SUV that is designed with fuel efficiency in mind. One of its top fuel-conserving features is regenerative braking, which recovers the energy from when you use the brakes.

The EcoSport also has a variable speed transmission. It is able to detect when you are stopped, and it powers down the engine to reduce fuel consumption. The EcoSport also has an EcoBoost engine for the cruise control.

Come visit us at our Louisburg, KS showroom to take a test drive of this sport utility vehicle. We look forward to showing you its engine and all of its interior features. Going on a test drive also allows you to experience its capability for yourself.

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