Step Inside the 2018 Ford Fusion Energi

What safety features do you look for in your next new vehicle? We’re here to present some of the safety features of this popular plug-in hybrid so that you can see for yourself.

The road conditions and weather can sometimes be unpredictable. The Fusion Energi features an AdvanceTrac electronic stability control system to help you stay in control.

It uses a series of gyroscopic sensors that monitor the yaw and roll and makes adjustments to help prevent wheel slip along with over and understeering.

The ESC also features curve control. What does this feature do? When the Energi detects that it’s going to fast for an upcoming curve, it will slow the vehicle down to safer speeds so that you maintain control.

Take the time to visit us at Louisburg Ford where we can show you the other features of the Fusion Energi. Even better, you can take one out for a test drive today.



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