Why Would You Want Your Ford Mustang to be Quiet?

Neighborhoods in Louisburg, KS are close-knit sections of the overall community. Everyone wants to sleep in on the weekends and would prefer nice and quiet mornings every day to get the day started right. The noise from cars starting up in the morning irritates neighbors. The Ford Mustang is notorious for its early morning startups for its noise contribution.

The Quiet, or “Good Neighbor mode,” exhaust audio system brings the high decibel Mustang exhaust system down to a less intimidating level, some say even down to the level of their dishwasher. Along with the lower decibels comes the appreciation of neighbors just waking up to a new day. The Quiet mode teams with the Auto Start program to quietly start and warm up your Mustang through an automated startup process.

Come to Louisburg Ford for a free demonstration of the Quiet mode and automatic startup process new to 2019 Ford Mustangs.

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