The Ford Super Duty Pickup Truck Lives Up To Its Name

When Ford chose the name "Super Duty" for a pickup truck, the company knew it would capture the public's attention. The heavy-duty pickup truck did become popular with consumers. Does it live up to the name, though? The durability of the Ford Super Duty truck indicates the vehicle does.

The aluminum-alloy body speaks volumes about how durable the truck is. The aluminum isn't standard material, it super-strong and military-grade. Don't expect to see other vehicles in the Super Duty's class boast of similar body construction. The body's resistance to red-rust corrosion further enhances its value.

The Ford Super Duty also comes with a fully boxed high-strength steel frame. The current design is a shocking 24-times stronger than earlier versions. The same is true of the axles on the current crop of Super Duty pickup trucks.

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